5 Amazing AppSumo Black Friday Deals (2021 Edition)

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AppSumo Black Friday Deals For Nov 2020

Tired of paying every month for your favorite software or blogging tools?

Check out, AppSumo Black Friday Deals.

Every year AppSumo curates a list of software to sell on lifetime deals.

If you want to get your tools that you renew every month/year in a lifetime deal. Then this is the time for you to grab amazing deals.

Let’s dive right in.

6 Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2021

#1 WP Reset

You just designed a beautiful landing page or a section on your website. But you didn’t like it. How can you revert all the changes back and take your website to the original state?

That’s when WP reset comes to the rescue.

WP reset is fully compatible with WordPress. It’s a feature-rich plugin that lets you do advanced stuff like, creating snapshots to restore your site to a particular state.

Some of the key features of WP reset are as follows:

1. Restore everything to default without reinstalling WordPress.

2. Delete the specific portion of your WordPress website.

3. Create collections of your favorite themes and plugins, install them in on go.

4. Take snapshots of the current settings and change them back to them whenever you want.

5. Store data securely on cloud services like WP Reset Cloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

6. Helps you in recovering a hacked WordPress website.

Original Price – $158
Deal Price – $49 AppSumo Lifetime Deal

#2 Plerdy

Ever heard of heatmaps?

Heatmap is the visualization of users’ mouse movement, scrolling, clicks, and taps.

If you are wondering why the users are not sticking on your site then this is the tool you need to analyze your site and make informed decisions for optimizing your website.

Plerdy lets you analyze your site to maximize customers and increase sales. Its UX/SEO analytics dashboard shows metrics like clicks, traffic types, and devices.

Few key benefits of using Plerdy are:

1. Live heatmap analysis.

2. Analyze site behavior using heatmaps.

3. Advanced UX/SEO analytics helps in making informed decisions backed by numbers.

4. Smart SEO checker to make sure you are not losing potential customers.

5. Record user sessions and check how users navigate your website.

6. Detailed insights on traffic types.

7. Fill gaps in SEO engine performance with SEO checker tool

8. Build conversion funnels, analyze them and optimize for better results.

The all-in-one tool you need to boost your website UX signals.

Original Price – $2124
Deal Price – $59 AppSumo Lifetime Deal

#3 Socialmonials

Socialmonials is a one and only social media tool which offers great features at a reasonable price.

With Socialmonials, you can successfully run social media campaigns. Socialmonials can also help you in Scheduling social media posts, checking analytics, and keeping track of all your influencers.

On this Black Friday, AppSumo is running a lifetime deal for Socialmonials at $49.

So, If you want to optimize your social media campaigns and increase your ROI with useful social media analytics and automation then you should use Socialmonials.

Key Features of Socialmonials are as follow:-

1. Unlimited Post scheduling and queuing

2. Automated reposting

3. ROI tracking

4. White labeling (Remove Socialmonials branding from campaigns)

5. Unlimited landing pages

6. Custom Submission Forms

7. Unlimited pop-ups and sticky tab widgets

8. Advanced Social Media Analytics

9. Split Testing

Socialmonails come with automatic fraud prevention when running contests. Split testing is my favorite feature. It helps in split testing your posts and serving relevant content to your audience. Advanced analytics is there to help you with the relevant business metrics you need to track your success.

Original Price – $1788
Deal Price – $69 AppSumo Lifetime Deal

#4 Invideo

Creating videos with Invideo is so much easy, one can create impressive and engaging videos or choose from the premade templates.

This year App Sumo Black Friday sale is offering Invideo for just $49 for a lifetime.
This is a huge opportunity to grab this deal and start making cool videos for your youtube channel.

Some of the cool features of Invideo are as follow:

1. Premade templates to start

2. Millions of stunning images and royalty-free videos

3. Trimming, extending clip, cropping, looping, and changing the volume.

4. Add GIFs, Overlay effects, and GIFs.

5. Export in HD quality

6. Copyright Free music library included

InVideo is an easy-to-use video editing tool. If you are someone having a hard time editing videos, then do consider checking this great video editing tool.

Original Price – $600
Deal Price – $49 AppSumo Lifetime Deal

#5 SendFox

Okay! So you have got a solid following around your blog, youtube channel, or podcast. But, until those users don’t buy your product, those are just followers.

You need to continuously engage them with your content to make them your follower/Subscriber to your customer. SandFox helps you do just that.

SendFox is an email marketing tool which helps in sending personalized email to your subscribers.
This year AppSumo is offering a lifetime deal on this tool that is only for $49.

SendFox helps you in:-

1. Send unlimited Scheduled and automated emails

2. Create custom, branded email and landing pages

3. Inbuilt forms for acquiring leads

4. Integration with Sumo.com, KingSummo, Zapier, API

5. Editor for Customize the font, colors, formatting, and links in your emails

6. Built-in Scheduling and automation settings

Turn followers into fans and leads into customers with SendFox.

Original Price – $240
Deal Price – $49 AppSumo Lifetime Deal

FAQ Related To AppSumo Black Friday Deals

1. When was the AppSumo founded?
AppSumo was founded in 2011 by an american entrepreneur Noah Kagan. Main goal behind AppSumo is to provide amazing discounts to its users.
2. Is the AppSumo Lifetime deal really worth it?
The answer to this question is YES! Because if you are using any tool and paying for its monthly subscription then you are paying huge amounts to keep using that tool. But with Appsumo, you will get the same tool with lifetime benefits. Then why pay every month, when you can get the lifetime version of it.
3. When will Appsumo’s Black Friday Deal Start?
This year AppSumo Black Friday Deal is going to start on the 22nd of November and it will end on the 30th of November.


If you have been waiting for a profitable sale, then our this AppSumo Black Friday Sale is the perfect time to get your favourite Digital tool.
All of these products have lifetime access and provide a 60-day money-back guarantee. If the product doesn’t meet your requirements, you can go for a refund and your money will be refunded back without asking any questions.
Grab these amazing Black Friday Deals of AppSumo and give new wings to your business.