Top 50+ Free Business Listing Sites in India in 2020

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Ultimate List of High DA DoFollow Business Listing Sites

Business Listing arguably the most important off-page SEO optimization one can use. Business listing sites help in increasing the visibility of a business. This post provides the business listing sites in India. By making use of these sites, one can easily get higher rankings in search engines in 2020.

Have you been worrying about the local visibility of your business? if yes, then you don’t need to worry anymore. Business listing sites are there for your rescue. If you don’t know, what is a business listing and how to use it for your business? then stick to this blog and you’ll get to know everything about it at the end.

What is the business listing in SEO?

Business listing is an online profile of your business. This business profile contains things like your business name, address, phone number, and services. Business listings are very crucial for your business. It helps in reaching your customers in your local region.

Creating a business listing for the sake of having your business profile on a site is not enough. You have to pick the best business listing sites in India, that can give your business exposure.

These free business listing sites allow you to have a business listing profile on them. There are plenty of free business listing sites in India which enables users to create a free business listing. These business listing sites help you in generating traffic and customers for your business.

Business Listing Sites in India in 2020

As I said above, I am going to provide you the list of free business listing sites in India. So, you can use these sites to boost the visibility of your business.

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How does business listing work?

Nowadays, Every business wants to rank high on Google. Some write blogs and do SEO for their websites. But few people who are not well versed in SEO or digital marketing. They rely on business listing sites for their business.

When you create your business profile on the best business listing sites. Then these sites inform google about your business. For example, if you are running a Digital Marketing agency. You will tell google everything about your agency like- Name, location, services, price, etc.

The information you supply in business listing profiles are further crawled and indexed by Google. This information helps the search engines to understand the nature of your business.

You might have noticed that when creating a business listing. Sometimes your business is automatically suggested by Google. It is because Google is already aware of your business from many resources.

What are the benefits of a business listing in SEO?

Business listings are not only used for having a business profile online. Business listings play a vital role in creating a positive impression of your business. Below is the list of benefits of the business listing.

1. Boost Web Presence – As you are already aware, the business listing sites in India draw information from one another sites. It means if you can get listed over one website, then your business is also contained in several other business listing sites as well.

2. Enhance the Visibility – Many top business listing sites have advanced filter abilities to narrow down on a particular topic. It is a big opportunity for your business to get more exposure in your local community and targeted audience.

3. Get New Clients – Business listing sites in India enables users to search businesses by specific categories. These categories further narrowed down to services, ratings, specialty, etc. It means, by providing the complete and authentic information in your business listing profile. These sites can connect you to your targeted audience and bring in more customers.

4. Improve Online Reputation – Business listing sites can help you build a strong online reputation for your business. You might get negative reviews as well, but don’t let it affect your profile and business. Work towards giving high value to your customers and the reviews will automatically get better.

5. Increase Brand Awareness – Having a business listing on a business listing site helps you in boosting brand awareness. When a user performs a search on these high da business listing sites. In return, many businesses get displayed as search results. If you have a strong business profile and good ratings. Then they are more likely to visit your profile. and if the user scrolls past your business listing even then your business got impressions. So, it’s a win-win situation.

What information to fill in business listing sites?

The business listing profile will only work when you have created it in the proper way. When creating a business listing profile make sure to supply only the latest and accurate information of your business. Please take reference from the below points.

1. Name – Have you ever noticed that some websites have their business names different from the actual name. I suggest you put your original business name in the business listing. Don’t use a different name on each site. For example, if you put your business name as “The Adventure Travel Company” in one site. Then don’t list your company as “Adventure Travel Company” on another website. Keep it the same everywhere.

2. Address – You should always supply your right business address in your business listing. The address must include details like Shop No, Floor, or suite number. So, your customers can reach you easily.

3. Hours of Operation – Always provide the hours of operation of your business for each day of the week. It is a good practice to include the holiday hours. So, any customer doesn’t visit your business on holiday. because if they do, then you will be hurting your business reputation.

4. Phone Number – Many websites keep their phone numbers easy to access from anywhere on the website. because it makes it easier for customers to reach them. This is why having a working phone number is so important.

5. Website – Customers want to learn more about your business before using your products or services. So, always list your website so that they can open your website and get full information about your business.

6. Description – All the free business listings sites allow you to put the description for your business. So, always write a description of your business. Keep the description compelling so that it can attract the customers.

7. Products/Services – While listing your business, make sure you mention your products or services, you would like to promote. This will help users in getting to know more about your business.

How to get the most out of free business listing sites in India?

If you want your business listing to stand out from others. Then make sure you read the below-mentioned points. These points will help you in creating a strong business listing profile for your business.

1. Claim and update your listings – When you create a business listing on any of the free business listing sites in India. You’ll notice they allow you to create a business listing but you don’t have full control over it. So, to get noticed you need to claim your listings. Claiming your listing will allow you to update and control the information displayed about your business.

2. Always Fill all fields – Half knowledge is always dangerous. So keep your listing fields full all the time. Incomplete information can harm your business reputation. Complete information about your business can attract customers. and the customers can understand your business without facing any difficulty.

3. Get Reviews – We all love reviews. We always want to check the reviews of any products or services before using them. This is the same for your customers as well. Reviews make your listings look more attractive and trustworthy.

4. Never replace the text with photos – It’s necessary to keep your business profile updated with your business photos. But the text has its importance too. The text makes your business searchable. Keep your targeted keywords and niche keywords in place, so it can trigger your business listing when someone searches for those terms.


Business listing sites play a huge role in your business growth. Business listings are one of the critical parts of Local SEO. These business listing sites improve your business reputation and increase its online visibility across the internet. Many free business listing sites in India in 2020 are there. Make use of these sites and give your business some local boost.

If you have any thoughts or questions please use the comment section below or contact me.

Thanks for reading 😉