10 Link In Bio Tools To Supercharge The Only Link In Your Instagram Bio (2021)

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Link In Bio Tools For Instagram

Instagram allows only one link in the bio. This feature of Instagram link in bio has always left creators and marketers thinking about prioritizing their links.

Having the privilege to add multiple links in Instagram bio helps you promote more of your article and news to your audience.

These tools will help you in optimizing that one link on your Instagram bio. It will provide link analytics so you can easily see how many people clicked on the link and there are many more features we are gonna discuss with each tool.

In this post, we are gonna dive into the best link in bio tools for Instagram that you can use to add multiple links to Instagram bio.

10 Best Link In Bio Instagram Tools

Here is the list of best link in bio tools for Instagram that you can try in 2021.

1. Lnk.Bio


Lnk.Bio is a pretty awesome tool that provides a mobile-optimized landing page on a unique URL. Give your followers multiple choices to click on your bio link.

Show all your social media profile links and important links with just one unique URL. This also lets you use links on Instagram images.

Lnk.Bio lets you have it for $0.99 a month or $9.99 for the lifetime plans. Some of its features include:

1. A Unique URL
2. Unlimited Links
3. Schedule Links
4. Ability to sync with an Instagram account
5. Track links and stats within the tool
6. Integrate external analytics pixels like Fb pixel
7. Priority email support
8. Cross link all your social media profiles

The topmost paid version at $24.99 allows you to remove the link.Bio branding and footer.

2. Linktree

Linktree Link In Bio Tool for Instagram

Linktree provides this clean landing page for your link in bio. This page hosts all your links that you want your audience to visit.

A well-looking landing page helps in attracting more clicks to your important links.

The paid version of Linktree is $6 a month and lets you use your logo on the landing page image instead of Linketree’s. Its premium plan offers features like:

1. Unlimited links on the landing page
2. Link Analytics
3. Options to customize fonts, colors, and button styles
4. Collect emails and send your signups to Mail Chimp or Google Sheets
5. Attract Visitors to the Landing page and retarget them on Facebook and Instagram using Facebook Pixel
6. Add icons to the links and social platforms
7. Ability to schedule links on a landing page with scheduled posts
8. Track important campaigns and show your traffic as ‘Social’ in reports with UTM parameters
9. Dedicated support on email

3. Shorby

Shorby helps you add multiple links to your Instagram bio to send followers to your website, blog, online store, and more. Shorby has the following features:

1. Ability to add animated avatars, videos, backgrounds, and icons
2. Add or change links without any hassle
3. Options to add text, links, GIFs, and appealing headlines
4. in-built analytics to help you track the traffic
5. Retarget users who visited the landing page

Shorby has this 4-day free trial with no credit card needed. If you wanna go premium then the plans start from $9 to $99 per month, depending on the features you need.

4. Feedlink


Feedlink allows you to have a landing page that combines a clickable Instagram feed in a single place. This tool lets you add links to each photo in the feed, which further helps you in driving more traffic on your site or boosting sales, whichever be your end goal. (Smiley)

Here are some of the features that Feedlink offers:

1. A Mobile and Desktop optimized landing page that works wonders on all devices
2. A well-optimized AMP Instagram bio link page that opens fast
3. A Shoppable Instagram Feed, which lets you link posts to check out pages on your site or redirect Instagram followers to any custom link.
4. A unique link that can be used in other social media platforms, such as youtube and Twitter
5. Album Feature lets you make changes to the feed page without changing the links all over again
6. Add multiple links

Feed link is a freemium tool that comes as a part of the EmbedAlbum Platform. The free version lets you use it with its branding and limits some of the features. Its pricing plans range from $19 to $99 per month depending on the number of sources and additional features.

5. Sked Link

Sked Link

Sked link gives you the option to direct your audience to many destinations with just one link. It has the feature to add series of buttons on the landing page. You can add links to send users to your blog posts, newsletter, or your own website.

Sked link lets you:

1. Have a theme for the landing page. Customize or choose from the existing ones.
2. Integrate with Facebook pixel and retarget users later.
3. Add UTM parameters and Google Analytics to level up the analytics game.
4. Easily swap or change links.
5. In-built link analytics to track the traffic.
6. gallery feature to link post on the feed.
7. Made for all social media networks like Fb, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

If you are a big organization then its enterprise plan will give you more features like hosting Sked Link on your domain and many other advanced integrations.

6. Tap Bio

Tap Bio

Tap Bio helps in making your brand’s own mini-website that have all the links hosted that you want to share with your audience. A user-friendly interface makes it really easy to craft landing pages designed for mobile devices.

Tap Bio enables you to add cards to your landing page. This feature further lets you add and highlight links on these cards. Ability to add a call to action to the landing page to direct the user’s attention to a particular button.

This single call to action button stands out really well and increases the chances of your followers clicking on the link.

Its free plan only allows you to add one profile and a card to add one unique link. Its silver plan starts at $5 a month. In which you get 3 additional cards. That makes four cards to share four links. Besides this, you get access to analytics on your links.

If you wanna show more than four links then you better sign up for its Gold plan at $12 per month. Here, you get access to unlimited cards, unlimited links, link stats, and options to add 3 different Instagram accounts.

7. Milkshake App

Milkshake App

The Milkshake app enables you to build a simple and clean Insta website on your device. An instant Insta website with beautiful designs lets your followers connect with your important offers and links.

The website landing page is well optimized for mobile Instagram browser. The app offers cards like designs for your followers to explore your content like they swipe Instagram stories.

The best part is you don’t need to be tech-savvy or know how to build a website to use this great tool. This is easy and can help you drive your followers to your website and product pages.

With the Milkshake app you get the following features:
1. Card functionality to make pages on your Insta website.
2. Customize cards and themes according to your needs.
3. Share your Insta website with your Instagram stories.
4. Access analytics and audience insights.
5. Encourage followers to call, message or email you using a link.
6. Send customers to a purchase page on PayPal with a Buy button. Options to do this for individual products and services.

8. Link in Profile

Link in Profile supercharges your link in bio by allowing you to add links to Instagram images. your audience can then use these links to visit your website, blog, social media profile, or any other link.

Its personal plan starts from $9.99 with a 30-day free trial at no risk. Some of its features are:

1. Branded landing page with Instagram profile picture and Instagram name.
2. Add links to your Instagram social media captions and see them live immediately.
3. Infinite scroll on the landing page.
4. Lets you add commerce links for Etsy and Affiliate links.
5. Link Stats and analytics.

9. ContactInBio

Contact in Bio Instagram Link in Bio Tool

ContactInBio has a lot of features that help you solve the one link in the Instagram bio problem. This tool helps you connect all your important links and social media profiles to one page.

ContactInBio offers a micro landing page which makes it really easy for your followers to connect and establish contact with your brand. With its free plan, you can get:

1. A clean interface with a drag and drop editor for the landing page.
2. A unique profile URL and the options to customize links, text, colors and, fonts.
3. Add contact forms and social media buttons.
4. variety of themes to suit style.
5. Access to link Insights and analytics.
6. Connect multips accounts and easily switch between them with a single click.

Their paid plan starts from $4.55 per month for businesses and $18.20 for agencies. The paid plan gives you access to features like:

1. Video and Image uploading.
2. Link Thumbnails.
3. Ability to add carousels of images.
4. Mailchimp integration.
5. Facebook pixel integration.
6. Email signup and collection.
7. Removed ContactInBio Branding

10. Campsite

Campsite Link In Bio Tool For Instagram

Campsite offers a dedicated landing page where you can host all the important links that you want to share with your followers.

Campsite enables you to:

1. Add unlimited links to the landing page.
2. Add titles and brief introductions.
3. Customize fonts and colors to match your brands’ style guide.
4. In-built analytics
5. Add links to other social accounts like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc.
6. Schedule links to go live or stop them from appearing easily.
7. Switch between multiple campsite accounts easily.
8. Connect Mailchimp and Google sheets.
9. Retarget users with Facebook Pixel or Google Ads.

Campsite offers a free account and you can opt for more features for just $7 a month.


Wrapping Up our list of the best link in bio tools for your brand. All these tools will help you in including more than one link in your Instagram bio. Use these to supercharge your marketing campaigns and attract more visitors to your site or product pages.

Whichever tool you choose should help you in reaching your Instagram marketing goals. Using one of these tools will definitely help you get away from using only one link in bio on Instagram. The best link in the bio tool for your brand will depend upon the use and the budget. But, these tools will surely give your link in bio the wings it needs.